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Your download is ready, but...

After software is downloaded, you will need licence key for the product. You can buy it on our platform (recommended) or download without key!

Please unpack the file and start the installation by double-clicking Start or Setup.

Installation guide Office 2019 Professional Plus

Thank you for your purchase! The invoice / receipt as well as the licenses are attached to this e-mail. To ensure a successful installation and activation, please proceed as follows:

1. Download the installer

2. Extract the folder entirely (not just individual files)

3. Install the software by double-clicking on Start

4. Activate Office

After installation, click “Close” and open an application (Word or Excel), open a blank document there, click on “” File “” in the top left corner and select “Account” in the bottom left corner of the bar. In the yellow box you will see “Activation Required” or “Change Product Key”. Click on it and enter the key. It may be that you have Windows set up to confirm at the bottom of the taskbar that Office may make changes to your device. Please confirm this if requested. Activation automatically applies to all Office 2019 applications.

If you have pre-installed Office 365 on your computer, please log out or uninstall it completely, otherwise you will receive prompts to subscribe to this program after the trial expires and that could lead to confusion. You have purchased a “Lifetime” license without an expiration date with Office 2019 Professional Plus

Final Warranty Activation Guarantee:

If a key does not work, we will replace it for free! You have no risk. Since these are mostly volume licenses, they have a certain time slot in which they have to be activated. If you have followed all instructions and downloaded with the link as described, unzipped (if necessary) and installed, and the key does not activate the software, it may already have expired (you can not see for how long the license key has been on the market). In this case, please fill out the form in our Solution Center and upload a picture with the error message. You will immediately receive a fresh key for immediate activation.

The license from Microsoft entitles you to download and use updates.

The product key is intended to be activated once on a computer. The useful life is unlimited, as long as the product is used on the same device. Should the computer be reformatted, reset or changes made to the hardware, there is no guarantee that the key will continue to work on the computer.

The delivery is completed with the transmission of the product key, there is no shipping by post.

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